5 Ways to be more Hygge this Autumn


This week, we’re getting into the Autumn Spirit with a bit of Danish Culture! Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is all about feeling cozy and relaxed, being happy and friendly in every part of your life.

Hygge is not about big gestures, but more so making the most of the everyday ordinary and really appreciating the feeling of home comfort. We’ve put together our list of the top 10 things you can do to make life for your and your family that little but more Hygge.

cake-indulge-hygge1. Live well.

Hygge is about understanding what really makes you happy and feeding yourself on the good things in life. That bit of cake you’ve been so tempted by, or that extra pastry you’ve had your eye on… go on, we won’t tell…

simple-soup-hygge2. Keep things minimal.

You could spend hours preparing a meal for the family, or you could do as the Danes do and keep it simple. As the nights draw in and the air gets cooler, there’s nothing more warming than a bowl of soup. It’s healthy, it’s delicious and it can be ready in next to no-time.

log-fire-hygge3. Candles and Kindling Fires

Turn off the harsh lights and cozy up with the warmth and atmosphere from candles and a log-fire. The Danes do things the right way, no LED Flames or Electric heaters there, but instead the flickering flames of Beeswax candles and the crackling sound of a real log-fire, there’s nothing more heart-warming.

coffee-read-hygge4. Put down the phone, pick up the Book.

In a world where we’re surrounded by technology, Hygge is the perfect reminder of who we really are and about living in the moment. Why not share a blanket with a loved one, curled up on the sofa each reading a good book.

get-outside-hygge5. Explore.

Okay, so we’ve spent the last 4 points talking about cozying up in the comfort of your home. But Hygge is about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. So after the cozyness and cakes, why not don the scarves and coats and head outdoors to kick the fallen leaves, then head back indoors and warm up with a nice cup of cocoa.

Think you can be more hyggeligt? Let us know your top tips for a more Hygge lifestyle!

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